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Roubaix Pro Tyre

Roubaix Pro Tyre

Ultimate endurance road tyre for rough New Zealand roads.

The Roubaix is an Endurance Road tyre for epic rides from smooth country roads to rough field roads. The Roubaix is fast like any competitive road tyre, but features unique casing technologies for added comfort and puncture protection. The 23mm tread handles quick. The 25mm casing smoothes your ride and keeps you fresh. Slick centre tread for low rolling resistance, shoulder sipes for increased surface adaption and grip. This tyre is a game changer.

Casing: Endurant 120 TPI
Bead: Foldable
Center Compound: 70a / Shoulder Compound: 60a
Flat Protection: Endurant Casing and BlackBelt
700 x 23/25; psi 115-125; approx. weight 260g
700 x 25/28; psi 115-125; approx. weight 300g