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Raiseys Hydrate 800g

Raiseys Hydrate 800g


HYDRATE combines electrolytes and carbohydrates (an ideal 7.5%) in a refreshing, great tasting sports drink that is absorbed by your body faster than water alone.


A scientifically balanced formula ensures that electrolytes lost in sweat are restored, fluid is replaced and glucose is provided for your body’s immediate energy needs. If you’re an athlete or if you work hard at your job, HYDRATE can work for you.


HYDRATE contains sodium, the main electrolyte lost in sweat, required for rapid and complete re-hydration and fluid retention.


Sports nutritionists from the New Zealand Academy of Sport say to perform at your best you must stay hydrated, as a fluid loss of only 2% of body weight by dehydration can reduce your performance by 10 – 20%.


Electrolytes sodium and magnesium help you avoid cramp, and carbohydrates help sustain energy during intense exercise. All so you can maintain your motor skills and stay mentally sharper for longer – international studies indicate athletes can stave off fatigue up to 37% longer!