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Raiseys Hydrate-x 800g

Raiseys Hydrate-x 800g


HYDRATE-X Anti Cramp combines electrolytes and carbohydrates in a
refreshing drink that is absorbed by your body faster than water alone.


A scientifically balanced formula ensures that electrolytes lost in sweat
are restored, fluid is replaced and glucose is provided for your body’s
immediate energy needs.


Cramp hurts! It can severely restrict your everyday lifestyle or stifle your
athletic performance. HYDRATE-X Anti Cramp contains magnesium,
calcium and potassium, the main electrolytes required to prevent
muscle cramp.


Sports nutritionists from the New Zealand Academy of Sport say to perform at your best you must stay hydrated, as a fluid loss of only 2% of body
weight by dehydration can reduce your performance by 10 – 20%.


By avoiding cramp, and staying hydrated, you can maintain your motor
skills and stay mentally sharper for longer – international studies indicate
athletes can stave off fatigue up to 37% longer!


Drink HYDRATE-X Anti Cramp immediately if you start to experience
muscle cramp, or drink before and during exercise to prevent cramp.
If you experience night cramps regularly, try drinking HYDRATE-X
Anti Cramp before sleeping and/or keep a glass by your bed.