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Purgatory Control

Purgatory Control

The Purgatory is the standard bearer for All-Mountain tyre performance. By applying FE Analysis to the Purgatory, we've optimised the tread to result in a faster, grippier tyre for any All-Mountain excursion.
Casing: 420/D1 for 15% improved cut resistance
Bead: foldable
Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
Centre Compound: 60a / Shoulder Compound: 50a
26" x 2.3; psi 35-65; approximate weight 685g
29" x 2.3; psi 35-65; approximate weight 755g

00115-4203 Black 650BX2.3  
001E-4201 Black 26X2.3  
001E-4205 Black 29X2.3