Body Geometry Fit

the Body Geometry FIT program

The Body Geometry FIT program

"Helps you ride faster, longer, and in greater comfort, while reducing chances of injury"

CycleTime owners Dave Spring and Julie Paterson are certified SBCU Body Geometry Fitters. They have both spent time on course, traveling to Specialized's classroom in Melbourne, learning how they can improve your connection with your bike.

Our Rider's response is always positive.

The Body Geometry FIT program is the most comprehensive bike fit education in the industry. The process has been refined into a step by step fit method to deliver personal, hands on bike fit to help cyclists ride longer, faster and in greater comfort, while reducing chances of injury.

Body Geometry fit is for all Riders and any brand of bike 

The Process

Pre-Fit Interview

Every fit - whether it's for a novice or experienced cyclist - starts with a brief interview between our Body Geometry FIT staff member and rider that addresses the individual's injury history, needs and goals.

Flexibility Assignment

This evaluation gains an accurate picture of the individual's flexibility and other physical attributes, including assessment of foot structure, knee position, spinal curve, shoulder extension, hip flexion and leg length, among others.

Side View

Assessed using the side view of the rider, the goal is to deliver a correct neutral position that's both powerful and comfortable through adjustments to seat height, handlebar height, stem length and cleat position.

Front View

Analysis from frontal view to optimize hip, knee and foot alignment for greater performance and balanced power delivery. Includes analysis of pedal and shoe placement and squareness on the saddle.

Follow Up

After a week or so, the technician calls to discuss the effectiveness of the adjustments and to answer any other questions or concerns the rider may have.

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