Garmin Edge 130 GPS HR Computer Bundle

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Simplified Durability

The Edge 130 has been stripped back and streamlined with an all new compact design that won’t take up much of your precious handlebar space. Small but mighty the computer comes with an impressive 1.8-inch display screen that has been specifically crafted to provide crystal-clear readability even in direct sunlight. The design is also extremely durable and rugged which makes it more than suitable to withstand all the elements of MTB riding as well as road cycling.

Navigation and Tracking

Coming with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites and an altimeter the Edge 1030 comes with renowned navigation features that will make finding your way on and off the road easier than ever and will also follow your movements and track your performance. The computer comes with multiple ways to navigate your ride with turn prompts and a breadcrumb map giving you accurate geographical information that will keep you from ever getting lost. Also, your movements are tracked using the satellites and altimeter which will let you know how far, fast, hard and high you’ve ridden on the longest climbs or on your commute to work through the city.

Heart Rate Monitor

For further performance tracking the Edge 130 HR Bundle comes with Garmin’s Premium Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Strap. This allows you to track your heart rate in real time via your cycling computer. Your heart rate is one of the best and most telling metrics available to us that can show when you’re training is peaking, overreaching or when you’re not pushing hard enough.


For extensive extra features and functions you can connect the Edge 130 to your smart phone or tablet device using Bluetooth Smart of ANT+. This allows you access to Garmin Connect and Strava Live Segments plus other applications that can help you plan routes, share your rides, and track your progress. This connectivity also allows you to receive smart notifications straight to your cycle computer including your text messages, phone call alerts, emails, social media notifications and more. Allowing you to keep your head in the game without distracting yourself with constantly finding and reaching for your mobile phone.